One of the essential activities of our company is facility security. We undertake the guarding and protection of industrial buildings, banks, office buildings and public buildings to the highest expectations of our clients.
Our company has the necessary tools and pieces of equipment along with the necessary licences to perform their tasks. Our employees installing the various instruments carry out their duties with outstanding competence.

We carry out our guarding and protection tasks in close consultation with the Client, adapting to their communication expectations and public image. Our staff wears clothes adequate to the task, we equip our employees with special tools and technology depending on their place of service.

We record the particular task in writing together with our client. This is the so-called “guard duty instruction”. The security guard assigned to the task is required to implement the items of this instruction. The execution of the service is detailed in the “Service Log” which records every event that happens during the service period.

In the field of security, prevention and hindrance techniques and technologies we undertake the following:

  • Installation and operation of electronic warning and access control systems
  • Installation and operation of intrusion-, burglary-, and extraordinary event warning systems
  • Installation and operation of fire alarms
  • Installation and operation of panic alarms
  • Installation and operation of mechanical means of protection
  • Transportation of money and valuables.

Why choose us?

  • We make a free of charge assessment and a pre-calculation.
  • We have 10 years of experience.
  • We strive to minimize your costs.

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