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Azur Facility Management Plc. and its predecessor have been at the disposal of their clients for nearly ten years. With the help of our skilled workforce we work to the highest quality standards and to the satisfaction of our clients regarding daily operation. By virtue of our practical experience we undertake the cleaning, maintenance and asset-protection of buildings, always meeting our clients’ expectations.

Operating for many years, our company has gained a great deal of experience regarding customer expectations. We place great emphasis on dealing with possible, work-related problems notified by our clients effectively and within the shortest time possible.
To this end, we employ the SLA (Service Level Agreement) system, that is, a quality checking and accounting method which we always apply in accordance with the individual demands of our clients.

I do not believe that our success is accidental. Of course there is no single recipe for being successful but its foundation is nothing else but professional work and a satisfied customer base. Before you click on we invite you to take a look at the list of our clients.

Best Regards,
Mihály Polgár

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